If you are a property owner looking at cladding your property, then you might be overwhelmed with the all the different types of cladding available on the market. One of the most popular choices is composite cladding. So, what makes composite cladding so popular? And what are the main benefits of using composite cladding.


One of the main reasons people choose composite cladding is because it is low maintenance. Timber cladding can require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking it’s best and to prevent it from rotting. However, many of the composite alternatives are dimensionally and UV stable, meaning they won’t warp or fade in the bright sunlight. Most manufacturers offer good warranties which give homeowners peace of mind.


Durability is one of the main factors to consider when choosing the right cladding material. Installing cladding can be expensive so make sure you consider the lifespan of the product you are purchasing. Finding rot or unsightly splits in the cladding can mean removing large portions of the boards in order the be able to replace them.

Easy to install

Installation is crucial to long lasting, high performing cladding. Any errors in installation can cause real headaches further down the line. Opting for a cladding system which is easy to install will ensure any problems are kept to an absolute minimum. Speed of installation will also be a major factor in the overall cost of your cladding. Installation tends to be the most expensive part of cladding a property so it’s important you factor this into your decision making. Composite cladding tends to be the easiest and fastest to install due to its uniformity and stability.

Low carbon footprint

With sustainability playing such a huge role in the construction industry, it’s worth looking into the eco credentials of whichever system it is you are looking at. Many companies now manufacture cladding materials from pre-consumer waste which greatly reduces the impact to the environment. Some systems may even be recyclable which is important to consider for when they may need replacing.


Another benefit to choosing a composite cladding system is the wide range of colour options you get. With traditional timber cladding, you are limited to natural variations of timber and as we’ve mentioned earlier, maintaining these natural colours is time consuming and costly. Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to create realistic imitations of real timber cladding and can even replicate the subtle variations timber cladding is renowned for.